Technical Concepts

Phemex is motivated by the idea of a Decentralized Society as the foundation for Web 3.0. We recognize that soulbound tokens are crucial to the genuine development of a permissionless world stretching beyond finance. Thus far, an overarching focus of the cryptosphere’s development has been on transactions. While financial activity is important, it’s only one piece of the puzzle within the broader scope of a wholly decentralized, blockchain-powered system. Trust lies at the core of any social environment, and without a central authority, it must still be cultivated between all participants. Due to their hallmark non-transferability, SBTs can function as the building blocks of decentralized credibility and trust-building.

SBTs unlock the ability for social provenance to be traced. They may eventually grow to encompass an individual’s education, work, and financial history, helping to forge a permissionless social credit system from the bottom-up. This credit score can be applied to potentially activate undercollateralized lending, which is a highly economically compelling TradFi feature that has eluded DeFi up to now. In addition to these possibilities, the most exciting short-term use case of SBTs for us is their application to DAOs. The Phemex Soul Pass SBT can be used to resolve free rider or bad actor problems within the Phemex DAO because non-transferability promotes authenticity and amends the risk-reward of deception.

Soulbound tokens essentially act as comprehensive proof-of-work for an individual’s relevant life activities, all of which can be verified on-chain. They will be a crucial aspect of one’s Web 3.0 digital identity, and therefore also be pertinent to the future rise of digital communities and DAO governance. For these reasons, Phemex believes that the adoption of soulbound tokens signifies progression into Web 3’s so-called “endgame” and we seek to be one of the earliest exchanges to delve into this arena.

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