Phemex Collaborator Program

Phemex will distribute xPT convertible to Phemex Tokens to our ecosystem’s core contributors, thereby elevating them to stakeholders. Through the Phemex Collaborator Program, we strengthen and align important relationships with key partners such as influencer affiliates. Instead of the platform and its affiliates being on separate teams working towards the same goal, we bring Phemex Collaborators onto the same team by sharing platform ownership. This ownership structure will align and incentivize all significant contributors to fully prioritize the growth and success of Phemex.

Our upgraded affiliate program now allows Phemex Collaborators to convert their affiliate commissions into xPT before TGE. This means that key partners can become impactful decision-makers inside the Phemex DAO if they choose to stake their converted PT for vePT. Phemex Collaborators contribute greatly to the appeal and esteem of our platform, and expanding their role from affiliate to owner serves as a logical progression in the decentralization of Phemex from CEX to semi-centralized.

Access the Phemex Collaborator Program

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