Detailed Breakdown

The crypto exchange's DAO Contributor Incentive Program is designed to reward the contribution to the development of the DAO and grow the number of active contributors in the DAO for various working groups. The program is reviewed by core contributors and working group leads.

  • Operation

  • Treasury Management

  • Growth

  • DAO to DAO

Incentives consist of three main types:

  • Grants

  • Ongoing Compensation

  • Bounties


Grants are provided to individual one-off projects/initiatives that benefit the DAO, the crypto exchange, or the public good. The application and approval of grants (including scope, milestones, grant size and payment method) follow the same DAO governance process, and they can be initiated as a request for comment by any DAO member and project team. Grants can be provided to an individual or a team and should be paid in tranches upon the accomplishment of each milestone.

Ongoing Compensation

Contributors are the most important assets of the DAO. In order to incentivize proactive and long-term contributions and attract more contributors, the DAO will provide ongoing compensations to its core contributors and contributors of successful proposals.


In addition to the above two incentives, any working group can put up a bounty for tasks they want help with such as organizing a small offline gathering, creating content, or driving growth initiatives. It can also be used to reimburse some small expenses.


Regular contributors who demonstrate the ability to act in good faith and represent the interests of the DAO can be given a more formal role within the different working groups and may be entitled to compensation and performance bonuses depending on the role itself. The onboarding and offboarding of core contributors will be decided by all core contributors, and it should receive support from the majority of the core contributors.

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