Voting System

Governance Power

  • Users who hold Phemex Soul Pass and vePT are eligible to participate in the voting process and exercise governing power.

  • The number of tokens required and the duration of the stake could be determined by the DAO and may vary based on the type of proposal being voted on.

Governance Proposals

Initial Discussion

Users who are eligible to participate in the voting process can discuss and brainstorm proposals in a designated Discord #dao-proposal forum.

Request for Comments Assessment

  • Initiating a proposal: A user who is eligible to participate in the voting process can submit a proposal for consideration. The proposal should include details about the issue or decision being proposed, as well as any relevant information or arguments.

  • Commenting / Discussion period: All eligible users can comment on the proposal and engage in discussion to provide feedback and ideas.

Improvement Proposal Voting

  • Announcing the Voting: Once the commenting period is over, the proposal can be revised based on the feedback received and formally announced for voting.

  • Announcing the voting result: All eligible users can cast their votes on the proposal through a designated voting platform, and the results will be announced once the voting period is over.

Execution & Update

If the proposal is approved, it will be implemented and any necessary updates will be made to the organization's policies or procedures.

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