Proposal & Voting

Phemexia DAO is governed by vePT token holders via a voting escrow system. Changes to the DAO must go through a proposal and voting process, as described below.

Proposal Stage

Any vePT token holder who meets the proposal threshold requirements can submit a proposal to the DAO. The proposal should include details such as the reason for the proposed change, the impact it will have, and any relevant technical aspects.

Proposal Types

Proposals fall into three categories: "Organization", "Treasury" and “General”

  1. Organization Proposal: Refers to proposals related to the management and organization of Phemexia. This includes but is not limited to proposing to hire or fire key personnel, appoint new executives, establish new departments, and make changes to the overall structure of the organization.

  2. Treasury Proposal: Refers to proposals related to the management of the Phemexia treasury. This includes proposals to allocate a certain percentage of the treasury fund into different areas of the organization like marketing, research, and development, or to invest a certain amount of funds into new projects or partnerships, and to establish new protocols for managing the treasury.

  3. General Proposal: Includes all other changes to the DAO, including parameter changes such as trading reward intervals, listing or delisting tokens on the Phemex platform, changes to the platform's user interface, and more. These proposals are intended to improve the overall functionality and operations of Phemexia but do not directly impact the governance process itself.

Protocol Requirements

All proposals must meet the following requirements:

The specific requirements for each proposal type are as follows:

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