API Users Special Offer

We encourage all interested parties to participate in the xPT pre-mining event, including API and institutional users. Therefore API traders are welcome to join pre-mining and will be rewarded with xPT for providing liquidity and trading, just like regular users would. Furthermore, API traders are eligible to receive as much as 10,000 xPT rewards per day based on trading volume.

The xPT Pre-Mining event features a special offer to API clients.

For API traders, xPT rewards are calculated per the following formula:

As mentioned, API clients can obtain up to 10,000 xPT on daily basis depending on their taker trading volume.

API trading volume isn't counted for the Boost Factor Leaderboard and if any API trading account is caught trying to conceal their API trading activity as non-API trading, the account's xPT rewards will cease.

Note: Due to the popularity and efficiency of xPT Pre-mining event, xPT rewards for API users will also be reduced just like for regular users, as the pre-mining event heads into Stage 4.

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