Staking Yield

vePT holders are rewarded by Phemex for staking their PT.

The APR is calculated using the following formula:

​APR= Annual rewards / Current total vePT

Annual rewards = Fixed PT amount *365

Furthermore, to provide a more consistent and predictable earnings structure, the reward calculation will also be updated. The 5-minute earnings will no longer be based on the previous day's PT buyback but will instead be calculated using the annual rewards, apportioned daily.

The revised formula for calculating a user's earnings every 5 minutes is as follows:

User’s 5-min Earnings = User’s Current vePT / Total vePT × (Annual Rewards / 365) / 24 / 12

*User’s current vePT is the snapshot of the user's current vePT value at the end of every 5-minute interval.

*Total vePT is the total vePT value at the time of the snapshot.

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