xPT serves as a pre-mint token that can be earned during the pre-mining event from April 12 to Q3 2023. It is reflected as metadata on the Phemex Soul Pass, and can only be obtained by PSP holders. 100 million xPT are available to be mined during the pre-mining event, and xPT will be automatically converted into on-chain PT during TGE in Q3 2023. 25% of this converted PT will be distributed at TGE, and the remaining 75% will be distributed weekly over a 3 week period.


Value Proposition

How to Obtain


Only Phemex Soul Pass holders can participate in pre-mining program

Mint Phemex Soul Pass


100 million tokens / 10% of total Phemex Token supply

Trade on Phemex during pre-mining event


The trading activity of PSP holders is rewarded with xPT airdrops; decreasing reward rate over time

Trade on Phemex during pre-mining event

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