Boost Factor Leaderboard

  • There will be a separate leaderboard for each stage in the pre-mining event. It will rank all participants by their effective trading volume during that stage, and the top ranked users at the end of the stage will win the “Golden Soul Shovel” SBT. With this prize, these users can enjoy a higher boost factor (1.2x multiplier) on xPT rewards for the next pre-mining stage.

  • The “Golden Soul Shovel” soulbound token will be issued to the same wallet that contains the user’s PSP. Issuance occurs after the previous stage ends and before the next one begins.

  • If a user revokes their Phemex Soul Pass during the issuance period, then the SBT cannot be issued as normal. If that occurs, please contact online customer support for re-issuance.

  • Users who top the leaderboard and win the “Golden Soul Shovel” for the final stage of pre-mining will receive a one time xPT airdrop reward. This will be distributed to the user’s PSP after the final stage ends.

  • If the xPT reward pool is not entirely mined out at the end of the pre-mining event, then any remaining xPT will be converted to PT and transferred to the Phemex DAO treasury. Leaderboard results from pre-mining will not be incorporated into any future events after pre-mining ends.

  • Trading volume from API and institutional users will not be counted on the leaderboard. Similarly, the 1.2x boost multiplier that winners of the “Golden Soul Shovel” SBT enjoy during next pre-mining stage only applies to non-API trading volume.

  • When each pre-mining starts, the leaderboard resets to 0 for all users. Results and activity from previous stages do not accumulate to the current stage’s leaderboard.

  • Through consistently strong trading activity, users can win the “Golden Soul Shovel” SBT award multiple times from different pre-mining stages. Users with multiple SBT awards in their wallet will have the opportunity to enjoy additional benefits and airdrops from future events.

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