Governance Model

The governance structure for the crypto exchange will be decentralized and community-driven. Decision-making power is distributed among token holders of vePT, working groups, and core contributors. The exchange will be managed by four working groups focused on operation, treasury management, growth, and partnerships. vePT holders have the ability to propose and vote on governance proposals, and working groups will be responsible for specific areas of the exchange with the goal of driving platform growth and value. The exchange will also have a contributor incentive program to reward and encourage active participation in DAO governance and development.

  • Operation: The Operation working group is accountable for overseeing and enhancing the governance framework and procedures of the exchange, while also establishing streamlined administrative systems and communication networks. A team comprising specialists in project management, administration, and governance will make up this working group.

  • Treasury Management: The Treasury Management working group will be responsible for growing the exchange’s treasury and establishing sustainable revenue streams. The team will be comprised of individuals possessing knowledge in finance, investment strategies, and revenue generation tactics.

  • Growth: The Growth team will assume responsibility for enhancing the exchange’s user base by recognising and executing growth strategies, while also enabling DAO members to engage in these initiatives. The group consists of specialists in marketing, product development, and community engagement.

  • DAO to DAO: The DAO to DAO working group is tasked with enabling partnerships and providing services to other DAOs. Moreover, it aims to foster external governance involvement in order to establish a significant presence within the broader ecosystem of such entities. Comprising individuals skilled in business development, partnerships and networking.

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